What is FIDE?


The FIDE is the international governing for chess. They regulate and set the rules for chess games, as well as organize chess competitions around the globe. They also give medals and awards to individuals and organizations. The FIDE was created in France in 1924.


You can get your FIDE ID in two  main ways:


  1. Contact your national chess federation.


Most federations are providing the FIDE ID (free of charge or for a small fee) within a few days. You can search for the contact of your National Chess Federation here:

Contact the rating officer and ask for the FIDE ID.

For Indian Citizens, you can use the following steps:

  • fill-out this for to receive you AICF ID (National ID):
  • After receiving the AICF ID, send an email to the federation to request the FIDE ID:


2. Apply for FIDE ID from FIDE directly 

You can get your FIDE ID, from FIDE Arena website:

The cost will be around 25 euro and you will receive the FIDE ID. With this option, you will play under the FIDE flag and not your National Chess Federation.